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Fully regulated

Your bank account is protected by the regulatory authority Bank of Lithuania, which fully regulates BEBAWA.

BEBAWA does not offer fiduciary services or customer protection insurance. Our job is to send money from a sender account to a recipient account. Be cautious with “collection” or “storage services” offered by third parties, unless it is a legitimate, licensed escrow service. BEBAWA is not a fiduciary service, should not be used as a fiduciary service and does not currently cooperate with any fiduciary service.

Read sellers’ ratings for online auctions carefully and familiarise yourself with the alerts that indicate fraudulent auctions. Most online auction houses have security policies or frequently asked questions to help you identify potentially fraudulent sales. Report any suspicious activity and file a complaint with the auction site where you purchased the item when goods are not delivered. BEBAWA does not warrant the performance of buyers or sellers at auctions.

BEBAWA uses a number of techniques, including SSL technology, to ensure the security of your personal information. The following tips can also help you create secure passwords: Create a password that is not so easy to guess. Do not use parts of your name, your birthday or words that are easily associated with you. Use a combination of numbers and letters and mix upper and lower case.

Use different passwords for your different accounts. This reduces the risk if a password is compromised. Do not write your password where it may be compromised. You can protect your passwords even more if you keep your anti-virus software up to date and use anti-spyware programs. These programs help protect you from viruses or other malware that could expose your identity, even if your computer appears to be functioning properly.

We value your orders as a BEBAWA user and are proud to be able to send your money quickly, conveniently and reliably to the specified recipient account. However, there are people and companies all over the world that try to use systems to harm you. Make sure you know the person you are sending money to. When you buy goods or services and pay via your BEBAWA account, it is your job to ensure the legitimacy of the seller. BEBAWA is not responsible for the non-maintenance or quality of goods or services. Security is everyone’s concern. Inform yourself and keep up to date with customer fraud trends.

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